Kool-Aid In A Wine Glass

Kool-Aid In A Wine Glass Nonsolis Radios Sediouis Fulmina Mitto

I’ve been listening to a lot of tutorials as of late on the video game industry and illustration. There seems to be a lot of pressure put on students and young professionals to climb the ladder and get paid $100k+ , be super famous, be better than everyone else, and get all the jobs you want without raising a finger.
You can do that. If you want to paint 20+ hours every day, learn every program under the sun, and crunch for 8 months straight at your job for good pay.

 But at a certain point, you realize that killing yourself to be the best at something is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself. It’s ok to learn at the pace you’re comfortable with. It’s ok to not be paid a ton of money when you first start out. You may have to take shitty jobs that have poor pay. But they may not be shitty to you. It’s all about you and what is good for you.

Building a career consists of stepping stones. Not fucking bottle rockets. Worry about progressing, but worry more about whether or not you’re enjoying your life at the same time.

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Shoulder bag from Morocco. Royal Museum for Central Africa

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Shoulder bag from Morocco. Royal Museum for Central Africa

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A lot has happened since first explosive post on brilliant Tumblr blog WISF (also featured in the latest edition of WeTheUrban) and as the blog continues to grow we see many new awe-inspiring matches continue to pour out week by week! Peep more after the jump:

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♔The Portuguese Elegance♔

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♔The Portuguese Elegance♔

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       Butterflies by Ghibli

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ALZEER, arabian stallion. Photography from HORSES OF QATAR by Vanessa Von Zitzewitz.

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gun perspective in FPS games doesn’t make any sense

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i’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. attack ships on fire off the shoulder of orion. i watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the tannhauser gate. all those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain.

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Anthropomorphic Tree

Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.

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Giannina Oteto, T I T A N, by Mo Gaff

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IT SUDDENLY GOT REALLY DARK IN HERE LIKE as if someone stood in front of our brightest lamp and it freaked me out so bad cause i thought “GHOSTS??? DEMONS?????” and i turned around and all i saw was